Living Things - Blue


Transcript from Living Things (series one):

There is a profound link between beauty and fear, we sometimes fear what we love and love what we fear. This series expresses a love for the woodlands something I fear in its darkness but embrace and love within its golden light glory when kissed by the sun.  I explored the woodlands and used my camera with it to capture the erratic movement felt within myself when exploring the woodlands close to dusk. There is a sense of ambiguity within the images as there is a level of uncertainty as to what you are looking at and like a Rorschach ink blot test things seem to merge as imagery seems to jump out at you from the photographs surface. This series is finished but its concept is still something I am working on perfecting for a series further pursuing the notion of love and fear.

In this new series I show a different side to this narrative using the colour blue to express a tension which embraces the undertones of the unknown. This represents my confidence in a place where confidence is diminished by night. This dark shade of blue which contrasts with some of the lighter shades symbolises the power of nature in a place which embraces ambiguity, this uncertainty unveils itself when one strains to see in the shadows in the dark where feelings of the unknown become more apparent in time.

© Ravinder Surah 2018

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