Fine art photographer Ravinder Surah expresses an interesting outlook on the human condition highlighting the ideas of vulnerability and the philosophies of metaphysics, this complex combination amplifies his work to evoke and function on the emotions of the viewer. Surah places great focus on isolating the human from a modern society, bringing nature and humanity together through the modes of physically placing the human with a natural environment but still showing very small details of attachment to an urban civilization humanity would struggle to live without. Focusing on using video and images to display how susceptible we are to the elements surrounding us, Surah also directs emphasis on his own anxieties and personal feelings as stimulation to drive his perplexing work. Surah states ‘Without comfort we fall into the hands of nature which feeds us with life but suddenly could surrender us to our deaths; without security humanity would struggle to exist’.


Placing importance on pushing his work in all directions, Surah primarily focuses on the human condition in directness but also in abstract ways to challenge the viewer’s perceptions and to ultimately provoke thought, leaving the viewer with an array of complex questions that merge with feelings familiar and unknown.


JUN 2020 – Refugee Rescue, What Will We Have Left? – Online Exhibition (World Wide, Online)

SEP 2019 – Middlesbrough Art Weekender – The Auxiliary (Middlesbrough, U.K)


AUG 2019 – Real Life Is Much Stranger Exhibition – Freehold Projects (Leeds, U.K)

JUL 2018 – NTU Mastered Exhibition – Nottingham Trent University School of Art & Design (Nottingham, U.K)


JUL 2018 – Surface Gallery – Horizon MA Photography Exhibition, Nottingham Trent University Student-led Exhibition (Nottingham, U.K)


APR 2018 – Leeds Digital Festival – CuratorSpace: Digital Art Exhibition Launch (Leeds, U.K)


AUG 2017 – Menier Gallery – Stimulus Exhibition (London, U.K)


JUN 2017 – Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus – Stimulus Exhibition (Athens, Greece)


MAY 2017 – Greenhouse, Berlin – Stimulus Exhibition (Berlin, Germany)


MAY 2017 – 15 New Bond Street Bath – Fringe Arts Bath, Flux Exhibition (Bond Street, Bath)


JAN 2017 – Cultural Centre Moschato – Alienation Exhibition (Athens, Greece)


JAN 2017 – Room 7 Gallery – Alienation Exhibition (Athens, Greece)


NOV 2016 – A3 Gallery – Alienation Exhibition (Moscow, Russia)


OCT 2016 – 5th Base Gallery – Alienation Exhibition (Heneage Street, London)


AUG 2016 – BORDERS Festival – Fragmented Identities exhibition (Venice Art House, Cannaregio calle Gheltof o Loredan, Venice, Italy)


AUG 2016 – Ground Floor Gallery – Alienation Exhibition (Brooklyn, New York City)


JUL 2016 – BAU International Academy of Rome – It’s Liquid Experimental Art Architecture and Design Festival (Via Quattro Novembre, Roma, Italy)


JUL 2016 – OXYGEN – It’s Liquid Contemporary Video and Performing Art Festival (Worldhotel Ripa Roma, Rome)


JUL 2016 – James Oliver Gallery – Alienation Exhibition (Chestnut St, Philadelphia)


JUL 2016 – SIA Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University – Northern Light Exhibition – Landscape Photography and Evocations of the North (Cantor Building Arundel Street, Sheffield)


APR 2016 – Cupola Gallery – Art is a lie that reveals the truth exhibition (Middlewood Rd, Hillsborough, Sheffield)


MAY 2015 – Sheffield Hallam – SIA (Sheffield Institute of Arts) Exhibition Sheffield Hallam BA (Hons) / Mart Photography Exhibition (Cantor Building Arundel Street, Sheffield)


MAY 2015 – The Workstation – as yet untitled BA (Hons) / Mart Photography Exhibition (Paternoster Row, Sheffield)


MAR 2015 – 156 Arundel Street – Twelve Photography Exhibition (Arundel Street, Sheffield)


FEB 2014 – Castle House – Syndicate Photography Exhibition (Castle House, Sheffield)


DEC 2012 – Pack horse Gallery – Christmas Craft Exhibition / Art show (Packhorse Yard, Huddersfield)


NOV 2011 – Adorn Jewellers – Art Exhibition (The Shambles, Chesterfield)

Awards and Publications

JUN 2018 – AccessEd Research Showcase (Nottingham)

  • I was selected among a collection of other research students to take part in preparing and delivering a paid showcase to undergraduate students studying at Nottingham Trent University. I developed a research publication using artefacts and research that I developed while studying MA Photography at Nottingham Trent University. I used a collection of my photographic artefacts and research for the showcase and have mentored students using the AccessEd platform

MAY 2018 – Northern light: Landscape, photography and the North (Sheffield and South Yorkshire)

  • My photography work Living Things - Blue was published in the Northern light: Landscape, photography and the North book. One of my images from the series was also chosen for the books front cover.


NOV 2016 – Northern Light (Sheffield and South Yorkshire)

  • My photography work Living Things - Blue published among the archives and contributors on the ‘Northern Light Landscape, Photography and the North’ website.


NOV 2016 – Art Reveal Magazine (Finland)

  • A six-page spread and interview regarding my artwork, photography and professional practice was published in the magazine’s 22nd issue. My art work ‘HEX’ was also chosen for the magazines front cover.


OCT 2016 – its Liquid Contemporary Art (Italy)

  • its Liquid interviewed me for their exhibition archives section, numerous art works of mine were published.


OCT 2015 – Sheffield Hallam University (Sheffield and South Yorkshire)

  • Winner of the Sheffield Institute of Arts Degree Show Award for Photography Best in show.


OCT 2014 – Sheffield Hallam University (Sheffield and South Yorkshire)

  • Winner of the Rose Cooper 'Breaking the Rules' art prize.


JUL 2013 – BBC News (Sheffield and South Yorkshire)

  • Published work on the BBC News website regarding the Sheffield Plastics factory fire.

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