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Far Away From Here

Far Away From Here.
Far away from here - Final cut

Far away from here - Final cut

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A human being is born into this world with nothing but the love and content of its mother, throughout the course of life a human builds new relationships, crosses boundaries into new friendship and social groups and ultimately starts to build the foundations of their independent life. Some humans are unable to function within the boundaries of general society, some conform to culture, some rebel against it, humans govern other humans and some fight against those who govern. Some humans share no commonalties and some share many, creating groups, clubs and other structures for the sake of companionship and comfort. We are all skin and bone and we all share the same complex beautiful feelings, we all seek answers, we all have questions, but most importantly within our lives we all feel vulnerable.

This work focuses on the human condition, Surah’s aim is to isolate the human from a modern society, bringing nature and humanity together but still showing very small details of attachment to a society we would struggle to be without. Surah has focused on using video to show how vulnerable we are to the elements surrounding us. Without comfort we fall into the hands of nature which feeds us with life but suddenly could surrender us to our deaths. Without security humanity would struggle to exist.

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