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After The Ending

Abstraction is deception, it lures us in translating our own visual senses into something which perhaps is untrue or none existent, it plays with our perceptions and can trigger tranquillity, calmness, fear or any other amalgamation of feelings.

After The Ending was created by dropping black and red inks into a container full of water, the container was mounted with speakers that are projecting sound from the 2005 Sky News - London bombings news coverage, these sounds were sampled from YouTube. Once the sounds are played the inks are dropped into the water creating unique patterns, these patterns are the indexical trace of sound which imitate the waveforms played from the speakers, the force of the inks dropped from a distance into the water enables a spread of colour which protrudes through the waves, distorting the waveforms natural rhythms with its own organic presence.

This work represents the tension of atrocity using colour to emulate blood which projects the notions of life and death, in contrast darker colours signify the unknown and ending. The first image titled ‘Birth’ is shot in still water with no soundwaves representing calmness, the second image titled ‘London Bombings’ is shot with soundwaves projected through water, a symbol of chaos, distress and atrocity.

Using abstraction and beauty Surah asks the viewer to study the surface of the images, to feel perplexed by them and question the relationships between them. Ultimately it is the process of the calm and manic that prevails, something which is only stressed via the waveform.

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